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We know that you want to grow capital, save taxes, and be able to leave your assets to those you care about most. And we know that you would like to do that with the help of someone you can turn to for prudent advice and guidance.


We appreciate that in today's uncertain times consistency of performance is important. When focusing on growing assets, our objectives are total return, consistency of that return, and tax consciousness all in keeping with your goals and feelings about risk. Seeking the next dollar is not as important as keeping what you already have. We would say that when given a free hand at designing and managing the client’s portfolio, our forte is designing portfolios that strive to deliver more consistent, competitive total returns mindful of taxes and fees.


The importance of a tax management strategy, consistent with the client's goals, probably cannot be overstated. When managing a portfolio or helping plan an estate, tax savings can be a significant portion of the total return on each. Knowing how to help a client achieve this, we review our client’s tax situation looking for savings opportunities.

Estate Creation & Preservation

Whether you need to create an estate to provide for your family or business needs, or preserve an estate when you die, there are many planning techniques and insurance products that can be creatively combined to augment an effective estate plan.

Some want to avoid this discussion, but your heirs and business partners will wish you had not. Insurance is simply one tool, as part of an overall solution, and we believe you should never purchase more than you need or less than you need. Insurance is not about an emotional decision but an objective part of an overall plan.


We offer comprehensive wealth management, utilizing a wide variety of services and products, in order to implement a well-designed plan.  These include: Financial Planning, Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds, Certificates of Deposit, Third Party Money Managers, Advisor Managed Accounts, Insurance, Annuities, 401(k) and other Qualified Retirement Plans, IRAs and Roth IRAs, as well as 529 College Savings Plans and UTMAs.