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Today, the largest generation ever is trying to simultaneously answer a number of questions that have complicated solutions:

First, “Are we or will we be ready to retire?”
Second, “How should we invest to successfully make it through retirement?”
Third, “Will we be able to afford rising healthcare costs?”
Fourth, “How should we arrange our estate for when we are gone?”

Our retirement planning solutions provide a personalized approach to offer the confidence to help you make prudent retirement decisions. You will be able to see your expenses including the impact of inflation and taxes modeled against all forms of your income and assets. In other words, your planning will be specific to you and not guess work. You will be able to confidently make decisions approaching retirement, and we will keep your retirement projections current to help you stay on track during retirement.

Our money management strategies provide proven investment solutions designed for your situation, while helping to maintain the objectives of capital preservation, growth, and income. Some money managers continue to manage assets during the critical “Distribution Phase” of retirement just as they did during the “Accumulation Phase” when building toward retirement. However, this is problematic because it leaves many of the risks you want to avoid in retirement as still a part of your investment plan. By contrast, our approach is to carefully design your investment portfolio to help minimize such risks. Planning to help produce more consistent, competitive total returns and minimize Sequence-of-Return risk is critical.

At the frightening pace with which healthcare costs are increasing, you need to know how to manage this strain so that these will not undermine your other goals. We can help you develop a plan to help prevent this from happening.

And our estate planning guidance, in conjunction with your accountant and attorney, will help provide an estate plan that preserves and maintains as much as possible of your estate for those you care about most.